WoW the Aftermath

So as I’m sure we are all aware, World Of Warcraft is a “game” made by a Company called Blizzard. Some of you may or may not know but blizzard also had on the books another game called Starcraft: Ghost. A Third Person Shooter based in the Starcraft Universe, but this was canned a few months ago. It was to be the first real venture for Blizzard on the console market. Now the reason for it being cancelled was never truly apparent, but what’s been plaguing me recently is whether or not Blizzard are even bothered to bring out any other games after WoW, as it’s a constant stream of money for them. Blizzard have an amazing track record for creating games of an outstanding quality Diablo Series, Starcraft and of course Warcraft. All of which score in the high percentile. I think it may be safe to assume that Starcraft ghost was not a very good game, as it kept getting reworked and release dates were pushed, and as such Blizzard were reluctant to release it. So, what happens now? World of Warcraft is in full swing and they have an expansion for it due out in January 2007, Where the fuck are the other games?!? There was Talk of the old Diablo II programmers being called in for a new project… but what that is, is anyone’s guess. Though it’s about time for Diablo 3! Or a new RTS! I want to be able to enjoy Blizzard without thousands of fuckwits online at the same time. This is a plea to Blizzard! Bring back single player!

…Is what I would say if I was a well balanced person, but I ain’t! Blizzard are fucking us over in the name of Quality there’s a fucking line! I dare you to Google Image search “Starcraft Ghost” and not blow a load! It’s like drugs without the drawbacks to see properly rendered Starcraft enemies and we all know that the cutscenes would be an audio/visual fuck-buddy with no strings! Buuuut No… Blizzard are too S.C.A.R.E.D. of releasing a console game. Oh, or maybe it was just too generic for them, a Third person shooter? because maybe there’s too many (SHEEEE-ITE) Third Person shooters out there. Well then take a fucking chance and make a good one Blizz-fucks! Instead you have to pump resources/time/effort into the Tainted Social Nightmare that is WoW. You want your “Quality” name to continue?!? Then keep bringing out new titles not “improving” on your “Safe” pissy MMO! Bring on Diablo 3 and if you must add a few online faecal smears in there, you’re good at that.

Get your socially rejected over qualified cock cheesy developers and just fucking pay them.

WE WANT DIABLO III (And for the love of Jesus/God/Holy (Starcraft) Ghost/Allah/Jehovah/Buddha/Sephiroth don’t make it an MMO!)


  1. Wow. No one has talked about the almighty Blizzard like that before.

    People of the internet unite! The Whinge about Blizzard campaign starts here. Go, whinge about Blizzard in forums and on blogs because the GMs don't listen. Blizzard don't care about us.

    Now, I'm going to play my 4th alt. on WoW continuously until Blizzard give in to my demands and when they Nerf Shamans. Fuck you Blizzard!

  2. Anonymous14:05

    Games Master, have Blizzard made a console game before?


    The Lost Vikings
    Rock & Roll Racing
    The Death and Return of Superman
    The Lost Vikings 2
    Justice League Task Force
    Warcraft 2

    So the answers "Yes" then... but aren't they all a bit shit, apart from R&R Racing?

    Yes... yes they are. The Blizzard quality control bollocks is just that, bollocks, also see id Doom 3 oh dear...

    Also the Diablo team are all working on Hellgate: London (not for Blizzard).

  3. You're a Diablo Team

  4. Anonymous15:24

    Your Mum's a Diablo Team.

  5. You're Mum's a Crazy Frog Racer Team

  6. Anonymous09:36

    Your Family is the Crash Racing Team

  7. Anonymous10:28

    Lost Vikings was a great game! Using the Vikings to do stuff, there are not enough Viking games around today, there should be more Norse games, entire games dedicated to the growing of beards.

    Norse 2: Return of the the Bearded Beard.

    Right phoning up Midas right now.

    If Bratz can have a game Beards can have a game.

  8. Your Family and close friends are the Daikatana team's fluffers

  9. Anonymous11:32

    All your Uncles are part of the Angel of Darkness Team and your Aunts are the whole Driv3r Team.

  10. Your family on your Dad's side are the 50 cent: Bulletproof Delvelopers Fluffers Cumbuckets

  11. Anonymous13:59

    HA! That's all you know, your Mums Dads Uncles transvestite Mother was the main inspiration for the front cover of Freak Out and her entire family helped develop the PSP version of 50 Cent Bulletproof, you know, the one that's EVEN SHITTER than the PS2 version.

  12. Anonymous23:14

    Quadbee = Priscilla Queen of the Dessert [sic]


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