Well, after several false starts and some setbacks, hitches, spanners in the works and delays the PS3 finally landed over in Japan. Even the bloody Times had a two page spread on next-gen consoles, hilariously giving the PS3 4/5 for hardware and 3/5 for software where as the poor old 360 received 3/5 for hardware and 3/5 for software.
We got our PS3 on the weekend and boy oh boy is it mediocre. After one hour Richie managed to crash it and after three hours we ended up playing Micro Maniacs on the PS2 because the multitap doesn't work on the PS3. MotorStorm is alright but the lack of any real games at the moment makes it the most expensive chunk of stuff in the house. Seriously kids wait until something comes out for it.

In other news...

I got my Brain Age down to 20!-Flying planes in GTA San Andreas voted "hard" by TGAM blogger Cunzy1 1-Next Resident Evil film to be set on Mars and have genetic mutants instead of zombies-Chuff_72's bid to complete PS version of Hidden and Dangerous foiled by the game being unplayable-Nintendo giving up on the DS already-Dr Wo69 playing CoD on 360-TGAM Blogger Richie working on secret Psygnosis project-Nobody playing WoW Blizzard to introduce truancy tax- Robisgay says Doom 3, "scary" especially the bit in the toilet.

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  1. Anonymous11:13

    Arrgghh a Nazi disguised as a barn... I'm being shot by a BRIDGE, wait theres a bit of Nazi in it... AM I WALKING ON THE GRASS OR THE SKY IT'S ALL GREY!!!!

  2. Yeah it's false marketing man. If you look on the back of the box there are some full-on awesome screenshots of a lorry in the distance and a lorry close up.

    Don't forget the weird cat noises on the first level. They were doing the freaky shit way before the Ring or Silent Hill

  3. Anonymous09:39

    Man I should totally sue that lorry is like SO not in-game.


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