That Guy's A Maniac Con 2: November

As I sit and type I am 3 out of 4 days into the second That Guy's A Maniac Con of 2006 and it was more everything than the first one.

RoodyPoo69, Dr Wo 69, Chuff_72, Cunzy1 1 and Wendy 72 took on the world on Gears of War and Mario Kart DS. Right now Gears is being set up for yet another day of fighting. Next Gen is truly here and it became apparent that Sony and Nintendo have a big job on their hands with the Wii and the PS3. With only two DSes and two Xbox 360s the five of us managed to play Wi-fi, wireless, splitscreen co-op, online co-op story mode and fully online almost at the switch of a button. The Ds and Xbox 360 are slick. It is that easy to "jump in".

Massive props to *$ophi£*, loco1116, A Pissed Monkey, minging mic, Chuff 72, Pixel princess, Dr Wo 69, Nev569, Oneflyer, Puppet Master, Captain Birdseye, Captain Japseye, Headshot888, Wendy 72, Brutus6, Roody Poo 69, gamensound, hustler 10, stomper 28, DaSmoef, Venom 58, ozzybear, Zachariah 123456, Rickzz01, Na2RalBornPlaya and Gray Phox. Everyone was good spirited and made for some pleasant gaming. Even the corpse smoking, frag tagging and inevitable corpse humping were taken in light spirits.

Legendary status to Loco1116 who not only seemed to be online for more time than the five of us put together but who is also a L337 sniper and all round good guy.
Roodypoo 69 and Wendy 72 kicked ass for the girls silencing the occassional asshole who thought that girls ain't got no game (Vulture19 you know who you are!). Gears of War dominated the weekend meaning that there was no traditional TGAM Con cake from Wendy 72 :( and at one point the house nearly burned down because a pizza sat cremating in the oven as the gang were fully engrossed.

Not that the other consoles were left untouched. After more than a 10 year wait Dr Wo and Cunzy1 1 finally saw Dhalsim's ending on Street Fighter thanks to Chuff_72's Bison beating skills. I showed the Maniacs how ridiculous Devil May Cry 3 really is in terms of looks and difficulty. Wendy 72 also busted Guitar Hero 2 on Hard unlocking all the songs and characters within a ridiculously short time.

It was also an amazing to see how gaming has evolved in our own lifetimes. We started out together more than 10 years ago with games like IK+ and New Zealand story playing after school or on the weekends. Our imagination filling the gaps between the pixels, interpreting on screen images into fully realised worlds. Now these worlds are fully realised yet we are still gaming together as part of our lifestyle. We all work hard to be able to afford to play hard guilt free. It was also easy to see "the dark side" of gaming. This weekend was a hell of a lot of fun but I will be happy to go back to my wireless and Xbox 360 free world away from the temptations to play into the early mornings as I have done last night, the night before, the night before that and inevitably tonight.

Now I must leave. Roodypoo and Pissed monkey are getting cocky so I'm gonna Jump In for some ol' skool Cunzy1 1 learning.



  1. Anonymous10:04

    Dude, why's it so smokey in here?

    I don't know, I mean I've been smoking, alot.


    *10 mins later*

    Woooooo! Damn, hope nobody wanted pizza! Open the windows...


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