Super Princess Peach 2: PMS adventure.

We at Thatguys, being the front and foremost of all games news, have just got word from Mr Nintendo about a new title for the DS. It's a sequel to, the now reaching cult status, Super Princess Peach, we don't
have all the details as yet but Mr Nintendo has told us personally that we can publish the information so far, in a Thatguys Exclusive.

Super PMS Peach.Due to the success of the "Emotion" system set in place in the original Super Princess Peach, the next
logical step was to take Peach's emotions to the next logical step.

Super Menstrual Emotion Advanced Routine (S.M.E.A.R.). Super Princess Peach 2: PMS adventure
will work in conjunction with the Nintendo DS internal calendar. The Player will be given a chance at the start of the game to set the "Time of the Month" and for one week every 28 days Peach's emotions will be
enhanced to scary new heights. She will have enhanced anger and sadness and will be able to decimate all foes in her path (if they don't run away in fear first!) However this is a double-edged sword as though her
emotions are heightened they are also unstable, one minute she will be destroying everything in her path, the next she will be sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, leaving her open to attack.

During the other 21 days when Peach is not Menstruating a new engine comes into play, the Super Menstrual Emotion Advanced Routine Estrogenic Deception (S.M.E.A.R.E.D) this is where Peach can power herself up for short bursts by "pretending" to be Menstrual.

We are, of course, mainly targeting female players allowing their Ovicular movements to cycle with Peach's. However we believe this game will be not only appealing to male players but will also all allow them to learn the emotional distraught felt by women in their "magical" time.

And there you have it Super Princess Peach 2, you heard it here first on, call your Mum in the room and tell her how great we are.

Posted by Richie, now with no added internet.


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