Okay, okay, rarely do we get it wrong here at TGAM but back here when I said:

"So it's nearly time to say goodbye to the DS because it seems that Nintendo has had enough of Europe again."

That was bullshit. Nintendo love Europe it's just Mr.GAME who doesn't want us to be loved by Nintendo so he cunningly tells us that Mr.Nintendo doesn't write to us anymore when secretely Mr.GAME is keeping all the letters in a box. One day when Mr.GAME is out to lunch with Nickelodeon we're going to sneak upstairs and find the letters in that shoe box he has under his bed. Then we will cry tears of joy. Mr.Nintendo did love us all this time*

*This sudden change in stance has absolutely nothing to do with the authors discovering FUCKING DINOSAURS in Sonic and The Secret Rings, FF III + FFXII: Revenant Wings for the DS, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii or anything like that. We are impartial at all times here. Yes sir.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Wii.........yep, still funny.

  2. Anonymous10:24

    I love the way all the comments are between myself...

  3. Anonymous10:25


  4. Anonymous10:25


  5. Anonymous10:25

    You're a homophobe, homophobe!


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