Symbolism in games

Following on from this post because there is fuck all else going on (and we are still waiting for that call from the UK:R ladies) we realise that symbolism in videogames is very important.
Many normal (=stupid) people think that playing computer games is geeky, a waste of time and stupid! But they just don't get it. Videogames, through the power of symbolism, teach us important lessons in life and remind us of some of the lessons we could learn from history. Sometimes these lessons go beyond even the unquestionable deepness of the original Matrix film.

1) Sonic 2 and WW2.
This is one of the classic symbolic games of our time. Sonic, a japanese game, which features checkpoints with stars (=Jewish). Thus, Sonic 2 is about the Japanese experience in the second world war. How Japan (Sonic) with the aid of the Jews (Checkpoints) tried to defeat the German's (Dr.Robotnik).

2) Katamari Demitri
This is symbolic of the "struggle of cancer". The little green man and the big man that aging bloggers love so, represent cancer. The levels represent the hostile environment of the human body, and other animals. The aim of the game is to get the ball to get as big as possible (cancer growing) within the time limit (before the cancer ridden animal dies of non-cancer causes). It is for this reason that I object to this game on moral grounds.

3) Medal of Honour: Rising Sun
The themes explored, symbolically, in this game are that of "the game of football". The fighting between the Axis and Allies symbolises two teams playing against each other. The round helmets everyone wears clearly represents "footballs" and the gloves the NPCs wear in winter are clearly synonymous with goalie gloves.

4) Wipeout 2097
Bizarrely the other games in this series represent the theme of the palaeobiogeographical spread of ratites in the southern hemisphere. This game, the second in the series, symbolises the act of fertilisation. The levels, a vision of a neon future, clearly resemble the tummy, where, fertilisation occurs. The actual ships themselves are symbolic of spermatozoa, their task to drive around the womb until fertilisation occurs anywhere between 3 and 7 laps.

5) Resident Evil
The highly acclaimed Resident Evil series is a satyrical, yet persuasive, representation of Hollywood. The "good guys" such as the S.T.A.R.S (stars=Jewish) members, Leon and Claire represent the big studios who are fighting for justice and purity. The shambling hordes symbolise Indie film makers, clogging up the streets with their filth and """High concept""" shitty films. The Nemesis in Resident Evil 3: Jill in Hollywood, represents Steven Spielberg, constantly in pusuit of the big Hollywood films yet eventually dying by SPOILER SPOLER SPOILER getting shot with a Magnum. Umbrella Inc. is symbolic of cocaine infecting the whole film industry whilst working on secret projects.

So you see guys, Games are important. You can catch more of my examples at my lecture-perfomances currently touring San Francisco. I'll be at Pink in the Stink on the 25th of Novemeber and Red & White Bum Marmite on the 1st of December. Please email any suggestions to


  1. Anonymous14:06

    And you forgot halo being one big analogy for the female orgasm.

  2. Anonymous12:01

    Return Fire, the conflict between two exactly matched sides fighting for a base clearly depicts the struggle of albatross's fighting for nesting ground and the juxtapostioning of the music amplifies this context.


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