Sexism in games

Following our research into these two posts we have become aware of the massive tenuous sexism in games. Here’s a brief list, I’m sure you can think of more. When we get enough we’ll get a petition going and then we’ll send it to the European Union Justice Comissioner.
I think you’ll agree that this inherent sexism changes the way we all think about games.

1)Half Lives
Our hero Dr.Freeman is a silent physicist. What kind of message is this sending you young men? That you can only be a hero if you stay quiet and work in science? Outrageous.

2) Beyond Good and Evil
The main heroine is an attractive lady who wears green lipstick. Her sidekick is a male pig. What message is this sending our children? That you can only be a heroine if you are hot and use green make up or that all male sidekicks are pigs? Think of the children.

3) Tomb Raider
Lara wears a lot of man clothes with the exception of when she wears a dress to steal something in Tomb Raider 3? and when she is naked in the shower at the end of TR2. What message is this sending to the children? That you can only be an adventuring archaeologist if you wear man clothes? That women who wear dresses are thieves? That all women shower naked? Perverted is this game.

4) Pokemon
Although most of the pokemon can be either sex some are exclusively male or female e.g Mr.Mime and Jynx. What mesaage is this sending to the children? That only men can be called Mr.Mime? Or only men can be psyhic type mime artist pokemon? Only women can be Ice and Psyhic type pokemon unless you are Lapras??
For god's sake man! Women can be good at mime and many of my good male friends aren't lapras but they sure as hell are ice and psychic types.

5) Resident Evil
In the original, playing as Jill was normal mode and playing as Chris was hard mode. What message is this sending to our children? That women are normal? That women have an easier life? That men are hard? Jesus H on a bike no wonder the age of transvestitism is now as young as 6. The children are confused by the games they see their older siblings or parents playing.

6) Silent Hill
You play as a guy in the first, second and 4th game but as a women in the 3rd one. WHat message is this sending to the children and adults of the World? That you can only be a protagonist in the first, second and fourth instalments of a saga if you are a man? That women are only good for being the lead in things that are a multiple of three? How has it got this bad?

7) Harry Potter
In the Harry Potter games, Harry Potter is always a boy. What message is this sending to the precious children? That you can only be Harry Potter if you are male? That series set in wizard schools will always focus on men? THESE GAMES ARE CHILDREN'S GAMES FOR FUCK SAKE.

8) DR.Kawishima's Brain Training
Dr.Kawishima is male and he instructs you on how to train your brain. What message is this sending the children? That you can only train your brain if you listen to a man? That Drs are all male? That if you want to become a disembodied floating mascot for a game on a handheld you better be male or be willing to undergo surgery? Fucking shitty billboard hell! My daughter went to University specifically to be a disembodied head mascot. Was it all in vain? Was it?

9) All the Super Mario Games
Princesses Daisy and Peach feature in a lot of the Super .... games. What message is this sending the children? That Princesses live a life of basketball, tennis, golf, being captured and go-karting? That all women look the same but have different coloured hair and dresses? That if you don't want to be a mushroom or turtle you have to be a princess or a guy who wears a flat cap with your intial on it? How sick is that world view? VERY SICK I TELLS YA.

10) Timesplitters 3
All of it. Sexist. I don't know where to start.

This is just the beginning people. No wonder we live in such a mixed up varied world. People don't know where to find their role models in computer games. It was easy for us in the early days we read books and looked up to our parent's and had conditioning at school. It was easy; crying was for girls, running around and shouting was for boys. Anyone "getting it wrong" would go to the reconditioning room. Now we have girls in boys clothing, boys who don't want a family with girls at all, girls who want jobs even after they've given birth. Ban all video games aside from Tetris, although the band that plays at the end look to be male or women masquerading as men. BAN ALL VIDEO GAMES. Except Thrill Kill that was well balanced.

Final Fantasy all the male leads are a) Male leads which in itself presents us with a whole load of issues, some of which are touched on above and b) Androgenous, kinda waif and seem to be oblivious to the obvious interest of the
Frelky women. What message is this sending to the kids? That all women love androgeny? That the best ladies are relatively flat chested but the evil women are buxom? That you know when you're in love when you utter the phrase "........" a hundred times? That if you want to get with a women you have to rescue her from space and/or nearly die. Goddam you Squenix inventor of the metrosexual male!!

UPDATE 24/11/2006
YEAH! Jon Wood knows what were talking about! It's about breaking down them barriers man. He writes so elegantly as to almost sound like a woman. What was particularly nice is that whilst I was reading Woody's post the ad on the right was for Last Chaos showing three women in their underwear/nightdresses. DISGUSTING SEXISM. (by the way Wood, Wood and Wood)


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