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So it's nearly time to say goodbye to the DS because it seems that Nintendo has had enough of Europe again. Old film tie-in, Fox tie-in, Warner Bros tie-in, Dreamworks tie-in, SpongeBob Squarepants, Urban GT and a title that should have been out ages ago.

So it's time to look back on some of the good things the DS brought us, starting with download play.

A majority of DS games have both single cart and multicart download play with rare exception (Resident Evil DS, I'm looking at you) which is cool because two+ mates with 4 games each could play 8 different games and because of the wireless there was no need to keep digging out cables. It meant that with one DS you also have four different ways of playing; single player, single cart multiplayer, multicart multiplayer and Wi-Fi.
The interconnectivity stuff that the playstation has failed at (link up PS2 anyone?) and which made the GBA so attractive. The downside is that for some reason, in Europe at least, you never really knew more than three people with the correct combination of games or link cables GBA-GBA SP which meant that Pokemon, Four Swords and other benefit-from-link-up games never really took off. Also, I've had my DS for about 6 months and despite a few half hearted attempts I've never been able to go on the Wi-fi because of weird security configurations or non compatible networks.

Multicart play is excellent because all the players have full versions of both games all the characters etc. it also means that everyone is more likely to know the game and the controls. Co-op and Vs. Resident Evil DS is excellent (despite not having single card play) once you get over the "star" representing the other players. Mario Kart is obviously brilliant as is Advance wars.

Single cart play was a bit hit and miss though. The download takes a long time and quite often it's a bit of a piss around. For example; Sonic Rush. With single cart play you can race against other players on levels and collect powerups that hinder the other player quite fun. The pain in the ass is that after a race you can either play the same level again, straight away, or go back to the menu and choose another level which takes ages to load up. The Advance wars single cart stuff is the crappy real time combat mode which is OK but is much worse than the full game mode. The Mario vs. Luigi thing on the New Super Mario Bros. where you have to be the first to collect a number of stars on a small wrap around level. It was a bit pointless, nothing more than a 5 minute distraction. Mario Kart was also OK, a limited selection of tracks and the player without the cart has to play as shy guy which gives them the obvious oppurtunity to cry foul when they lose because they didn't have a choice of characters or carts.

So although it is (was) a great feature that breathed some life back into link up play the single cart stuff could be better. It's a shame that the DS is gone now, imagine link up versions of Resident Evil 2, Doom or Ecks vs. Sever. It could have been great. So great.

UPDATE Apart from Worms on the DS. Seriously, you be thinking yeah but I've got worms (Ah haha ha ha) on the PC and playstation, but if you have a DS and mates with DSes get it! As good now as it was then


  1. Anonymous14:02

    DS = Gay

    PSP = Yay


  2. Anonymous14:35

    Fluffy Toes is going to be uber-awesome on the DS!

  3. Oh not you two again.

    Look you've got PSPs right? and you've bought GTA Liberty City Stories yeah?
    Then all you need to do now is buy a DS and play some good games.

    No, no I'm being harsh. Theres always Tekken Dark Ressurrection, Lumines, World Soccer Winning Eleven 9, FIFA 06, MLB'06 The Show, Mega Man Powered Up and Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remixed. They make great use of the touch scre.... um dodgy square button. And a lot of them are, well one might be ad-hoc compatible. But still MLB'06 The Show is a classic gamespot gave in 8.6/10 so phew...

  4. Anonymous16:28

    I've almost got the mansion, I only have the back room yet to get. My mortgages are pretty insane, but at least I only have one more to go & then I'm free from Nook! Going to make the most of all these big beetles that are around this month, they all go next month & there goes my main source of income.

    DS = Gay


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