That Guy's A Maniac Award- November

In our long running but not very consistently written "That Guy's a Mania" series we have nominated many a maniac, you may remember good ol' Xzin or Brice Mallen. True maniacs both, in their own seperate ways. But now after a 3 month hiatus we bring you November's Maniac of the Month: Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson

Not only is New-Yorker Isaiah a maniac because his middle name is "Triforce" but he is one of a number of maniac gamers taking to the streets in order to be the first in line for the new consoles. What makes I."T".J so mad mental? He has been queuing for a week for a Wii (story picked up here by the Beeb).

""I had to get it first," said the 29-year-old, who shook hands with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after buying the console. "

And he got to meet long time Maniac and Dear friend of ours big Reggie sans-amies! Queuing for a week has some serious implications like Urination issues, food issues, hygiene issues, life issues, safety issues and girlfriend/boyfriend issues. Spending a whole week on the streets on New York with $250 in your pocket is acheivment enough but I."T".J, as you may now call him, is hardcore enough for that.
Also, it made us realise that we aren't that crazy about games. Sure we do daily updates about things other people said about games but no way are we queueing up for a frickin week for a new console in fact we probably couldn't not masturbate for a week to get a new console and that requires not doing anything! It made us feel like we were armchair gamers. I."T".J doesn't waste time on the internets whinging about games he just fucking plays them! I."T".J is so maniac he wasn't happy enough just preordering the Wii he wanted to be there in his piss soaked, body cheesed clothes to get one in person. Fighting the good fight on behalf of us half arsed gamers.

Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson. You sir, are a maniac.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    For my xbox live profile I had selected "Pro" as my attitude to games, last night I was whooped 14-0 by Jeef the Beef, on Gears, I am now changing my profile to "Recreational".


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