Thatguys a year in review 2009

So what did we do in 2009?

1. Richie bought the Steelseries WoW Mouse.

The post was a huge rant on the technical problems of the WoW Mouse, in fact Richie was one of the first to review it, being among the first to receive it.
WoWInsider ( picked us up (for the second time) and plugged us. The gist of the review was: The mouse was a pile of wank, and as it stands, it still is... We are still getting comments and hits from Google on this one.

Post Score: 7/10. Good content, good hit generation, though justified it was a bit ranty and tl;dr.

2. We got a rise out of Kotaku.

After spending the better part of 2008 sending in "Tips" we finally got some response and Acknowledgement from the Kotakians.
Some people got it, some people honestly thought we were being serious and didnt understand "tips"

Post Score: 9/10. Hilarious throughout.

3. Exclusive coverage on Sheva Nude Cheat.

Just a joke. Some hastily knocked up pictures of boobs on Sheva in MS Paint. A year or so later we are still inundated with hits from Google of people looking for Sheva Porn. We would say sorry to the pervs for misleading them, but we don't care enough.

Post Score: 5/10. We are Lying badmen, thought it still makes us laugh.

4. We made a MyBrute.

And then we tried to invite the entire internet community to challenge us. Then we got bored and stopped going to the MyBrute site.

Post Score: 2/10. It spanned several posts, and none of them were even slightly interesting.

5. We found the sixth form of Rotom.

We edited the Rotom sprite to make it look like a Vibrator, even down to the clit stimulator...

Post Score: 6/10. We didn't even get cease and desist from Nintendo.

6. We thought about Natal.

And how we could use it as a coitus scheduler with achievements.

Post Score: 6/10.
The Achievement names were funny.

7. We commented on girls/women in the industry.

Mostly as a rebuttal to some PMS-ing idiot claiming that portrayal of women in games is still unjust.

Post Score: 7/10. An age old argument and a wonderful reason to be satirically sexist.

8. We had an Epic Pokemon battle.

Through the year we each trained up 6 of our favourite Pokemon to level 100. Quite a big undertaking, much of the year was spent drying to discern whet Pokemon the other was training up. In the end Richie won, though there is dispute as to whether Dragon Pokemon are HaXX.

Post Score: 7/10.
If you care in the slightest, it was Epic.

9. We took a racist poster and made it homophobic.

It's a skill.

Post Score: 8/10. It needed done.

10. We coined a new measurement of time.

TTECNK, Time it Takes the Escapist to Copy News from Kotaku.

Post Score: 6/10. It needs to catch on more.

11. We asked a genuine question to the guy who did the Timesplitters 2 Music.

And got a response.

Post Score: 8/10. Part of the post wasn't written by either Cunzy or Richie.

12. We came up with the Gamer Laureate.

Personal and potential goal for Thatguys.

Post Score: 8/10.
It must happen.

13. Richie was Right.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast was delayed.

Post Score: 3/10. Nobody cared.

14. We interviewed Leigh Alexander.

Actually we didn't, but we made a joke about it and then she commented saying we could have actually interviewed her.
It still counts, in the same way as hearing your neighbours having sex and then wanking along with them counts as a threesome.

Post Score: 8/10. We actually have interviewed people in the past, so it's not like we are pathetic or anything.

15. Our hate for Kotaku grew.

As they sit back in smug ignorance.

Post score: 8/10. There is a sincere amount of venom conveyed in that one.

16. We invented #microfanfic.

A fanfic small enough to fit into one "Tweet".

Post Score: 5/10. Looses points for involving twitter.

In conclusion, another year and we have still got no credibility in the industry.

Fuck you internets.

Love and Hugs,

Richie and Cunzy.


  1. Keep up the good lulz boys

  2. rob_is_gay18:12

    You should rank users comments. In may opinion nightmare936's comments were the best by far re shiva boob cheat.


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