Heavy Rain Spoilers

Hey look at this !

We are covering news on a PS3 title! Who'd have thunk it?
Basically Heavy Rain has been Rated by the ESRB and, much like Movie trailers, they have given us a preview of the best bits:

below we have a breakdown of the nudey bits: 

"The game contains sexual content and nudity."
TGAM: w00t

"Shower cutscenes may depict a male character's bare butt..." 
TGAM: Ghey. And yes, they did use the word "butt" classy.

"...if players control the female character, her breasts and buttocks are also briefly visible."
TGAM: Lady Ghey. And not to worry as soon as we get a screenie of the bewbs it'll be posted here.

"A more prolonged instance of nudity occurs during a female character's investigation of a seedy club owner: After getting him alone in a room, the player-character is asked to strip; at gunpoint, she dances topless in front of the man."
TGAM: Excellent! Degradation, Humiliation, Weapons and Bewbs... Thatguys, might be buying a PS3. 

"The game also contains a prompt-based love scene (kissing and rubbing) in which players match on-screen cues to angle characters' mouths, remove shirts and blouses, unhook bras, and lower to the floor; a woman briefly appears topless amidst the dark shadows and heavy breathing-actual sex is never depicted as the camera fades to black."
TGAM: Woah It's just like IRL! firstly you can mess up kissing, taking off clothes, unhooking bras! And secondly it's prompt based, just like real sex, but probably with marginally less disappointment and frustration.

The whole report can be seen here.

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