Who wants to live forever?

Recently, we've been playing through Pikmin 2 (the wiimake) and boy it is still a great game and playing it makes us feel a little bit sad inside that a gamecube port can get us more excited than some of the latest releases. You've can't help but love the little guys and feel genuinely mortified when you see those little ghosts signalling you've just lost one.

Speaking of new releases here are our reviews of all the games to come out this month:

Bayonetta: Surprisingly good and out Devil-May-Crys Dante himself.

Darksiders: Looks like a World of Warcraft character crossed with Devil May Cry and Prince of Persia on acid. Plays like Excalibur 2555 A.D. on poppers.

Dark Void: Worse than Resident Evil 4, better than Spyborgs.

Dark Ciders: Better than Strongbow, worse than Belgian beer.

Dark Darkers 2: Pretty dark considering.

Darkstalkers: We wish.

Mass Effect 2: Will be as talked about and played as much as Mass Effect was for that week.

MAG: As much fun as those two minutes of all those other generic runny-shooty games where the HUD occupies 90% of the screen.

Army of Two, something something something: 4/10 PLEASE STOP THIS SHITTY FRANCHISE.

No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle: Another Casual Wii Game.

Some JRPGs for the DS: The DS now has 18000% more RPGs than the PS3 and Wii put together and literally infinite more than the 360. 7/10.

PRETTY AVERAGE start to the year with a couple of exceptions. Until next time.


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