Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver UK release date

Official Nintendo Magazine, who actually followed us on twitter (and here we thought main stream media hated us!), announced that Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be released in the UK/EU on 26th March 2010.

In previous years the UK/EU have always been about 6 months behind the US for Pokemon releases, presumably because of the addition of the EU languages, leaving us Poke-hardcore to rely on imports. In fact the imports were so big in the UK that the original releases of Gold/Silver in 2001, some of the more commercial shops (e.g. HMV) even stocked the US imports.

For those of you that care:

Cunzy shall be getting Soul Silver, and I shall be getting Heart Gold. 

And yes there will be a battle and it will be covered here on Thatguys...

Ho-oh and Lugia,

Richie XX


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