Top 5 Tube Stations in games

Bored of video game lists? Loins not set ablaze by underground train stations? Then boy you are in the wrong place because here is TGAM's Top 5 Underground Train Stations* in games list. We may have done this list before that is how low on ideas we are.

5. Santa Destroy Tube Station.
This is one of those ones we remembered so put it in here. You don't actually do much in it and all of the stairways and doorways are blocked off with wet floor signs or red cones. There are vending machines. You get the train to fight Destroy Man.

4. Raccoon City Tube Station.
Somehow the zombie plague has caused some underground trains to crash. Maybe they ate the driver or something and he braked too hard in his death throws. Anyway, it is a scary place and looks exactly like Santa Destroy station. Is this how all American Tube stations look? My sample size of two says yes. Also, here's a fun fact in America they call the tube (or Underground) the sub-surfarizerotor.

3. Silent Hill Tube Station.
There is something inherently creepy about underground stations. Especially late at night and both Silent Hill 3 and 4 "go there" girlfriend. The one in 4 is much better and creepier especially with "Mrs. Crawlingaroundonthefloorhair report to platform 2" but there are no good images of it online.

2. Aldwych Tube Station.
This station appeared in the wasn't-as-good-as-2, Tomb Raider 3. Abandoned it had been taken of with ridiculously stereotyped Geordie homeless people (in America homeless people are called Anuses, the same word we use for arse!). It also has a bunch of train carriages just left around and Lara Croft refused to jump over the barriers (she could no doubt afford the penalty fare!) which ended up with hours of messing around to get a valid ticket with some old money. Which is bizarre because the station was open until 1994.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Which one will be number one? There was strong competition from the networks and stations in Liberty City, Freedom Fighters, the new Metro Game, the Getaway and Fahrenheit (where the dead man sexing occurs!) however the overall winner is.......

1. The London Underground.
Yes the winner is the troubled Hellgate: London. Yes the Covent Garden Service Line, Northern Line and umm Leicester Square Line? are all faithfully-ish recreated in demon occupied London and in fact in hellspawn occupied Laaaaaaaaaandan the Northern Line works better than it does now. Oh ho ho ho. Oh ho ho ho. London jokes.


* Top 2 and then the next three that we could remember. I will be honest.


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