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Read it here. Basically, former who-is-that-guy-again? leader of the tory party, IDS has pulled a Vaz. This time though, avoiding Vaz's idiotic mistake a few weeks back, he appears to be aware of all the laws about selling stuff to people who aren't old enough to buy it all. He just says nobody pays attention.

He also comes out with:

“We are driving children to lose their childhood, and some video games are incredibly violent, like Grand Theft Auto. They are meant to be 18 but nobody cares what it says on the label."

Fuck off IDS. Just fuck off. When was the last time you took a bus after 11pm in this country? That's violence right there. Real actual violence. In fact for anyone living in London they probably see violence every week. I know I do. And then of course there are violent films on TV all day every day which anyone can watch with no restrictions whatsoever. Oh and books. When was the last time you got ID(S'ed?) for a book? And even then. Even if 1997 game GTA is destroying childhood why don't we tap into that powerful interactive medium that has such a brainwashing effect as to distract a member of parliament (and tipped to be a cabinet member) and use it to improve our youth's obesity problems or teen pregnancy problems or crime problems or literacy problems? Is that going to be on the agenda? Because the last couple of government funded video games were SHIT, didn't appear at all or were worse than educational software of the early 1990s.
That is the end of the above news item. The following news item is the Top Five Things About The 1997 PlayStation Game Grand Theft Auto Which Are Better Than Chingford, The Constituency Of Iain Duncan Smith:

1) The police actually catch you if you do too many crimes. They don't just put you on a list and then maybe accidentally pick you up or anything. In 2005/2006 only 25% of crimes committed were solved.
2) It is harder to get a gun in GTA than it is in real life in Chingford and Walthamstow.
3) It is impossible to commit a sexual offence in GTA but in 2005/2006 year there were 278 sexual offences in Chingford.
4) It is impossible to steal anything from a car in GTA but in 2005/2006 there were 3155 theft from a motor vehicle in Chingford.
5) It is impossible to commit a burglary in GTA but in 2005/2006 there were 1962 burglaries in Chingford.
So there we have it. Two unrelated random pieces of news.


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