Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

Exciting unboxing complete we've now played through a lot of Darkside Chronicles, some of the normal Capcom secret modes silliness aside.
The review that summed it up best was probably the EDGE review. This is RE2 & Code Veronica the best bits. All the bits you remember with all the inventory management, backtracking and key finding edited out. Some reviews bitched about how Capcom had taken a hatchet to the storyline but the bits they cut out and edited gave a bit more elbow room to new elements that weren't there before and a bit more exposition.
The new "bit" set between Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 feels less last minute made up than the Umbrella's End Mission from Umbrella Chronicles and has some nice South American twists of RE B.O.W classics, the Anubis and the new Ivy being particularly stand out.
Obviously, for us this game is some much needed Resident Evil massage oil for the relevant bits of our brains that crave it but if you aren't the kind of person who enjoys reading through the files and just "looking" at the rotating character models (with some totally unnecessary Redfield tit wobble I hasten to add) you might well burn through this quickly and never revisit it. If you are a completionist then there is plenty here to unlock, max out and achieve and it is amazing how well shooting Tofu is executed. It is astonishing. Playing through again dual wielding is also a great deal of fun if you can get over how sad it is playing th 2 player game on your own.
For those of you who will be playing 2P it is well worth maxing the difficulty from the beginning to make it a challenge.
Online leader boards are a nice addition and for experts seeing your name up there (even fleetingly) is worth memorizing every shot for. All in all a solid game that might not be for those who burn through, rather than savour their games, and well worth checking out before deciding to label it as yet another Capcom re-run.
PS We know she isn't in Darkside Chronicles but boy her breasts are exposed.


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