Obligatory iPad Post

Since the Blogosphere is rife with everyone finishing each other off whilst masturbating vigorously and furiously to Apple's latest product, we at thatguys felt compelled to drop our fluids* into the Apple wank pile.

To be honest there is not much to say that hasn't been said on EVERY other site out there, seriously do apple even need to advertise?

A Blogger said: It's like a mix between an iPhone and a Macbook.
Twitter went viral with #iTampon, yet again proving that the internet is blatantly immature as us.
Facebook is crawling with the same link to Steve Jobs Keynote.
The BBC said it was a "gaming device", fuck off.
The Guardian called it an oversized phone.
Kotaku were not overly impressed.

Metascore 4/10: Wait for iPad 2

*fluids, it's more PC you know cuz women get to do it too.

iLove and iHugs.

Richie XX


  1. Of course Apple don't need to advertise, they just sent me an e-mail about, no information just a picture and a find out more linke - which went though to another page with a sentence.

    No prices, no details, I find it all very hilarious. I love the hilarity coming out of the name choice, but I think people are beginning to forget how much flak the Wii's name got when it came out.

    Not that it will be as successful as the Wii mind you.


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