Endless Ocean 2 (like Neverending Story 3)

As you may well know 25% of Team TGAM is totally hot for swim 'em up Endless Ocean. Well guess what dilwads? Endless Ocean 2 has been dated for the 5th of February this MUTHAFUCKING year.

The first Endless Ocean was our game of the year 2007-2009 so it goes without saying that I am looking forward to Endless Ocean 2.

Some people dismiss titles like this as being too casual or easy or not really a game. Presumably these are the tards that prefer shit like Bioshock and Portal which is the casualist shit going. Get over it losers. This game is all about science and exploration and shit. You might learn a thing or two about some real animals which impresses the chicks* inifinitely more than the fact that you can do no scope headshots 1 in 15 times that you try it you lazy fucking adolescent fagballs.

Also, it will be compatible with Wiispeak so in out fantasy world where we actually enjoy online play you can speak to people you dive with as well as drawing luminous penii with the draw tool. In the first one it was pretty much just the latter.


What we hope they have changed:

1) That the characters cover up a bit more. So far I've spent about 25 hours looking right up the camel of my diver. This is titilating for the first six wanks only.

What we hope they haven't changed:

1) That there is still the option to play your own MP3s during a dive. So we can listen to Little Mermaid's Under the Sea innit? Seriously, why didn't any other Wii game have this feature? Madness.

* Or guys if Capcom Unity are reading.


  1. The Arapaima reminds me of the movie "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" way back in 2004.


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