Gears of War 3 announced!

Not really, the game is called "farcical rip off of one of the most popular game series on the xbox 360, even down to the bulky models and the animations for cover" "Quantum Theory" by your typical soulless cash in company Koei Temco

But c'mon guys! did you think people wouldnt notice? are you targeting xbox gamers that have selective Gears of War amnesia? or perhaps you are just expecting the GoWers to buy this to "try it out" destined to be traded in 12 months later for £3 ($5 for our American reader) ironically to purchase the actual GoW3 game?

Though maybe I'm being too negative, video games concepts do get copied, and perhaps this may improve on every aspect that made the GoW one of the stronger ones on the 360. HA

See ya in the bargain bin QT.

Love and unflattering clones.

Richie X


  1. Moves like an 18 wheeler truck? Check!

    85% of the screen a hue of grey at any one time? Check!

    Face like an arse swallowing a tattoo? Check!



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