Meet Doppelganger, he has words...

Thanks for everyone who entered our recent competition to find a new contributor!

Some of the entries were weird (we would like to stress that we are not willing to entertain three's), some of the entries were disturbing (thanks yiffycunzylover23), and some of them were hurtful (we shan't be eating anyone's anal abortions, on fire or not)

But almost all of the entries were downright hysterical!Congrats to you all!

So we canned them, both Cunzy and I have severe insecurity issues so we chose the the most plain, boring blogger we could!

Please join me in welcoming Doppelganger!

Luv and Hugs

Richie XXX


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome :)

  2. Anonymous21:10

    I love how all the comments are between themselves


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