Chuff_72 Speaks Again Again!

Chuff_72 is our maniac on the street and he regularly send us stuff to post when we are too busy doing pointless challenges and mixing up T-Virus to destroy the world if Capcom doesn't deliver vidjogames on demand. His stirling efforts have earned him at least a cameo in the TGAM film and he is an unlockable character in TGAM the game.

Anyway, here at TGAM we are dedicated to doing what everyone else already did before us, and doing it twice! Here are some more thoughts on that game what came out recently Halo 3. Take it away Chuffty:

"Dude, just a quick email to tell you how much fucking fun halo 3 is online. I didn't play any of the various deathmatch types or any of that bollocks, and while I checked out some co-op story which was okay, though pretty hard to follow with myself, the Dr and two fellow TFUs, shouting about the Gheys in the trees, most of the time I had no idea where to go apart from follow the little countdown marker thing, AND friendly fire was on, with infinite re-spawns? The Forge dude, the FORGE!!! This is the sort of thing that I expected Free Radical to be doing, can't tell you how much fun it is!

Essentially a level building/editing tool, where every player is the builder and it's all real time. By pressing "Up" on the d-pad you turn into this little round ball and can fly round the level, picking shit up (like tanks!) and you are supposed to place them in strategic places then save the design and play deathmatchs and stuff - Fuck that.

We spent 3 hours stacking shit up on one of the big towers (Sandtrap) and trying to drop tanks on each other. You have the ability to grab anything in range so there was much stealing vehicles mid air and playing reverse Jenga (dropping Warthogs onto a tower of tanks and the loser is the one that makes the tower topple). You can also use the whole thing as a sort of impromptu deathmatch with no rules and superpowers cos the game keeps track of all the kills you score and betrayals and then posts these scores every 30mins so you can claim victory.

However, the bestestest thing EVER though (and I can't confirm if this is true to all modes) is that if you get close to someone on the opposite team you can hear them out the tv! Until you actually get to try this you won't really appreciate it, but hearing someone sniggering out the tv before they twat you in the back of the head is fucking priceless as is the ability to call that person a cunt and have them hear you! And yes in other games you can hear everyone etc but to actually have your team come through the earpiece and the other guys out the tv just makes it awesome, AND it fades in out depending on distance.

So there you go, as far as Richies "Things wrong" post, I agree with them all (probably, though I haven't really played the story), however IF you can get online then DO and when you do, find a bunch of twats and just piss around in the Forge.C_27 out.

P.S. Not really a massive Halo fan by the way, I hate the auto aim, I hate the jumpy jumpy bollocks and the Chief runs SO SLOW, plus if you're getting shot in the back you WILL die unless you set the sensitivity right up but then it becomes hard to aim so it becomes less fun, also it's not Timesplitters which means its not as good as Timesplitters, which means everyone is lying when they give it 10/10 because TS never got 10/10 except from the Official magazine, and that doesn't count. Ever."

So there we have it. Our second Halo 3 review. Wow. Next on TGAM: Due to fan requests Richie and I prove once and for all that we actually are 12 year old girls and not two 20 something men. Also, we start a new war with these cretins who are a blight on our and Capcom's reputation because they dare to call themselves TGAM (Train Game Addicts of Malaysia), which should clearly be TGAoM but, whatever.

Bye loves!


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