Colin McRae Outrage

Contrary to “popular” belief Colin McRae Rally is actually one of the Thatguys preferred series’ of games from Codemasters only slightly preceeded by Dizzy, Micro Machines, SAS Combat and Nitro Boost and CJ’s Elephant antics. So I’m sure you will understand that we are on mourning for the loss of one of the contributors of a mediocre racing game.

R.I.P. Colin McRay

But what really boils our egg (which is wearing boxing gloves) is that heartless SEGA are cashing in on this “gap” in the market with their new Sega Rally Revo, this painful title is due for release at the end of the month and actually features Colin McRae:

(Click for Full screen)

Personally I am outraged, however SEGA are still releasing Virtua Fighter 5… which died a long time ago.


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