Resident Evil 5 Racism?

You've no doubt read the story now. The new RE5 trailer came out and showed Chris (from Resident Evil) or a Chris look-alike in Africa just walking around thinking about buying some beads 'n' shit. Then you see some zombie zombieness and afterwards, footage of Chris taking them out a la Resident Evil 0-4. Oh, yeah but most if not all of the zombies are black. So this inspired all of these cunts to talk about it and the nasty gaming community came out of their A-Holes to be racist to everyone and the anti-racist and race awareness part of the blogosphere mobilised and put up a bit of a fight. Good points were put forward by both sides blah blah blah.......

What none of these idiots (some of them are real idiots and others are self confessed intellectual idiots) picked up on is that it should be Resident Evil 6 not Resident Evil 5. For fuck's sake guys focus on the real issue. Capcom you still ain't wrote me back and to be honest it's getting near to "stash Dido in the back of my car and drive off a bridge o clock", you hear me?

Also, although some people picked up on the fact that Resident Evil 4 was all anti-spanish and shit, no one mentioned that there wasn't a single black guy in that whole fucking game. LAME. That was an easy point for someone to pick up and run with right? The pro gamer guys could have told the 'RE5 is racist' guys, where were you when RE4 came out huh? And then they'd be like "Damn, you caught us we were only kicking up a fuss because this was obviously racist and we can't be bothered to do a lot of research into these things so you are right we were using it to raise our profile amongst the anti-racism community".


Ha noobs.


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