List of things wrong with Halo 3

Right well, on Friday The second most popular video games blog: managed to get a hold of a copy of Halo 3. As such we will do a review of it though whether you read it is entirely up to you, we will not try and force our views upon you.

FPS Action shooter, and it knows it. Strafe. Aim. Shoot. Repeat until done.

There is not variance in the weapons:
Pistol = 2 shots to kill enemy. 1 to remove armour, 1 to shoot in the head.
Shotgun = 2 shots to kill enemy. 1 to remove armour, 1 to shoot in the head.

Equipment is not necessary, throwing the odd shield, rarely helps you out, though these may be more useful in the harder modes

Crouch (L3 by default) has to be held down, and since L3 is one of your movement sticks, it makes crouching and moving very hard, there is also no sniper position.

Makes absolutely no-sense if you have not played Halo 1 and/or 2, it is disjointed all the way through, the plot also seems to be catering for 12-13 year olds. Do not expect anything prolific, thought provoking or substantial. It is what it is, and that is an action FPS. If I were to compare it to a movie, I would say it was like Chronicles of Riddick. If you have played Halo 1 and/or 2 there are plot elements which will be the same and the universe does continue in the same way, however with Halo you still have the feeling of Cutscene (plot) – Action (gameplay) – Cutscene (plot) – Action (gameplay) and so on, which can really break up the plot.

The voice acting is not of a high standard, and there are frequent dips in the volume of voices during cut scenes. However, the music is epic and sets the tone of the Sci-Fi world very well. Though I did find that the music did on occasion sound very similar to the music from American Beauty, I expected the camcorder-twat to walk in any minute chasing a plastic bag.

Very odd scaling here, I will attempt to rearrange the halo difficulty settings so that they make sense:

Easy = Very easy
Normal = Easy
Heroic = Normal
Legendary = Hard

And I am not trying to sound like a prick here, normal mode is easy, aside from a couple of areas that may need to be done a couple of times the game is not a challenge. Also on the final “boss” character, I did not die once. I strongly advise that you start on Heroic, or even Legendary difficulty if you are a Halo veteran.

Almost consistently good, at times, though I found Hoods face to be quite Polygon-y. There are occasional smoothing/brightness filters placed over close ups to make them look better, and is quite evident.

Do not get this game if you are not planning to go online, the main game lasts 5-6 hours.

There are a few bugs which need working out, the achievement unlocking always happens at the end of level, but only after the cutscene is finished, if anything happens during the cutscene you will not get the achievement. This is why I have the achievements for chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 but not chapter 5.

There are plenty of bits of scenery to get caught in.

I have a theory though, I reckon MS will be releasing a patch on Halo3-day (Wednesday 26/09/2007) fixing the above issues, so that this way they feel they are still punishing the people who managed to get it early

There you have it people, these are the impressions on the things wrong with Halo 3. At least on the first playthrough. Stay tuned for more updates a i prepare to get the remaining achievements on Legendary, collecting all the hidden skulls and locate the terminals.

Richie sigining out.



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