The Oblivion 1000 point challenge. Pt 3

Poor! Very Very Poor!

I managed to play for an hour yesterday… 1 hour I managed to slam a load of the Mages guild quests… But I’m still on them. I was hoping by this time to have completed the Mages guild and to have progressed within the Fighters guild (maybe arena). Though it’s not all bad, I have the last remaining Arch-Mage missions left which are not huge challenges, if I can get them done in an hour, and maybe complete the Fighters guild and Arena at the weekend then I will be back on track… maybe. Either way I think we can all see the benefits of NOT having friends when taking on a challenge such as this.

The other minor achievement that I got last night, my character is now a Journeyman in Alteration, with Illusion a mere midges baw-hair behind it.


Level 7

Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10)
Apprentice, Mages Guild (10)
Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50)
Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Associate, Fighters Guild (10)
Associate, Mages Guild (10)
Bandit, Thieves Guild (10)
Bloodletter, Arena (10)
Brawler, Arena (10)
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10)
Champion of Cyrodiil (110)
Champion, Arena (10)
Champion, Fighters Guild (10)
Closed an Oblivion Gate (50)
Conjurer, Mages Guild (10)
Defender, Fighters Guild (10)
Delivered Daedric Artifact (50)
Destroyed the Great Gate (50)
Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50)
Evoker, Mages Guild (10)
Footpad, Thieves Guild (10)
Gladiator, Arena (10)
Grand Champion, Arena (50)
Guardian, Fighters Guild (10)
Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50)
Hero, Arena (10)
Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10)
Journeyman, Mages Guild (10)
Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50)
Located the Shrine of Dagon (50)
Magician, Mages Guild (10)
Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10)
Master, Fighters Guild (50)
Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10)
Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Myrmidon, Arena (10)
Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10)
Pit Dog, Arena (10)
Protector, Fighters Guild (10)
Prowler, Thieves Guild (10)
Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10)
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10)
Warder, Fighters Guild (10)
Warlock, Mages Guild (10)
Warrior, Arena (10)
Wizard, Mages Guild (10)

7/50 Achievements
110 Gamer points


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