lvl up this profession...

Right if any of you have ever seen the Pokemon Anime you will have noticed that most of the characters have some kind of twisted goal that they want to achieve in life.

For example:

Brock – Pokemon Breeder
Tracy – Pokemon Drawer
Ash – Pokemon Trainer/Master

Throughout the anime there are characters that are bumped into along the way that have some weird quirk that they inflict on pokemon, such as only training yellow pokemon, Pokemon Cattle herders*, or Pokemon Coordinators.

Well I had a thought

In the Safari zone you are given the option to catch pokemon…

As you can see you are given the opportunity “bait” the pokemon


If you got really good at it, could you call yourself a Pokemon Master-baiter..


*on a sub-note, every time you see beef on screen is that actually a Tauros or a Miltank? Discuss…


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