Pinnacle reached: Richie now re-accepted by Geeks everywhere!

In the small hours of last night I finally did it! I reached Level 70! After hours and hours of grinding, questing and farming I finally did it, My Mage hit Level 70!

Whats this you say, you thought I had given up? Yeah I had, but after recent negotiations with the editorial staff it was agreed that to save It was required that someone made a sacrifice. And bring back the classic days of Thatguys, much like in heroes when that artist guy has to take heroin to save the cheerleader. And since i am the most 1337 we needed a level 70 sharpish. So i went out and bought the burning crusade, spoke with a nice GM who re-activated "Richie" the fire mage.

News that is six months too late:

Well, I say "hours and hours" I started playing again as Richie not long after the recent announcement of Wrath of the Lich King. which led me into a flurry of WoW research and pranging desires to throw some fireballs. The Burning Crusade, is everything WoW should have been, the quests are plentyful, there is no real need to group with losers. There is no longer any need to travel for 20 minutes, Gold is plentiful, the upgrades are REALLY satsfying, and the armour is spanky.

Despite cunzys recent lack of faith with the gaming industry, i would like to announce that Richie is in full effect in gaming spanning 4 systems and multiple systems:

Have faith readers I wont abandon you for RL things like GFs, Joint back accounts or visits to IKEA... I know where my priorities lie.

Currently playing...

Gears of War
Guitar Hero II
Sonic 2
Dead or alive 4
Dead or Alive X2
Rumble Roses XX

Resident Evil 4

Pokemon Pearl

World of FRICKIN' Warcraft


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