The Oblivion 1000 point challenge.

After some serious thought I have decided that it may be entirely possible to get 1000 gamer points in 1 week (whilst maintaining a social life)

I have never personally owned Oblivion, all of the playtime that I have amassed is on a friends 360 and his copy of the game. This however does give me a basis for the game mechanics.

This will be entirely an “achievement speed run”, and does not include the shivering isles expansion pack.

The achievements in Oblivion are split into 6 different sections:
Main Quest
6 Achievements – 360 points

Fighters Guild
10 Achievements – 140 points

Mages Guild
10 Achievements – 140 points

Thieves Guild
8 Achievements – 120 points

9 Achievements – 130 points

Dark Brotherhood
7 Achievements – 110 points

My plan is to start a “Paladin” class fighter/healer focussing on blade and restoration. Upon leaving the sewers I will then venture to complete the mages guild quest line, which is arguable longer than the main quest line, then promptly move on to the fighters guild quest line, and then the arena. After which I am hoping to be around lvl 15 with a collection of spells, such as invisibility, to tackle the Main quest. I am hoping not to spend that much time fighting rather just swiftly going though the plot and occasionally casting invisibility. After the main plot is complete I will do the thieves guild and Dark brotherhood.

More details to follow tomorrow in the 1 week Oblivion Achievement Extravaganza.


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