A Letter to Team Ninja

69 Thatguys Street
Racoon City
T6 4M1

Dear Team Ninja,

Firstly I would like to thank you on your wondrous attention to detail, and encapsulated everything that anyone could every want from bouncing CG boobs. However it pains me to say that this is not a letter complimenting your hold on the CG boob market, this is in fact a letter demanding compensation for damaging my phone. If it were not for your bouncy booby game (RE: Dead or alive 4) being to ridiculously hard for the entry level player, then my phone would not have met with a rather unfortunate event, involving a wall and it hurtling though the air.

As such I would like to demand the repair bill for my phone refunded to me (£40), emotional damages (£1000), a nude patch for Ein, damn! I mean Bayman. No! I mean Tengu. NO! I mean Helena… Maybe.

Along with this I demand that Cunzy and I feature as characters in the next DoA game, and we each have multiple endings involving us nobbing the DoA girls. Cunzys, can feature him, settling down going to Morrisons on Sunday for the weekly shop, discussing where the sofa would look good, and just a general display of stomach churning under-the-thumb-ness as Lei Fang treats him as the submissive he-bitch that he is. Wnak.

Luv n hugs

Lvl 70 Richie xxx


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