The war that nearly was

So recently we were involved in a bit of a spat with those kooky fellas over at Stupid Fucking Customers and then we were graced with the presence of both of the two angry men from Two Angry Men and then some minors and anonymooses popped over to say things like "Cunts" and other such pillow talk. However, it didn`t really end up as a fullly blown blog war for the following numbered listed reasons:

1) That bint at HR made a cock up with the annual leave arrangments so both Richie and I were on holiday at the same time. ROOKIE ERROR. Never abandon your post just after leaving childish comments on other two male 20 something oh-I´m-so-witty-in-my-own-head white text on black background blogs. The only time in history we´ve had more than one reader (including authors) and there was no one around to call other men gays. HR bint has subsequently been fired and she can think about her mistake as she packs little Johnny off to school with clothes four sizes too small this term.

2) There was no real war to be had. You just can´t generate good rapport when everyones stance is "Your {sic.} gay more like". Someone needs to be trying to take the moral high ground before being reduced to our level. It just breaks down if everyone is pretending to be everyone else.

3) Our hearts weren`t really in it either. Stupid Fucking Customers and two angry men are both good sites which we read regularly. In fact I`d go as far to say that the problem was we (us and SFC) were too similar. We all hate the Wii, we`ve both had pictures on UK:R (Ours was uncredited!), we all have way too much time on our hands, both sites have the gay man-straight man set up and of course the white text on black background. We are all cunts it`s just that they are the other side of the counter.

4) Still we got a bit of traffic from the exchange so our new epitaph will read "Did that shit blog which had a bit of traffic that time". Yeah, we are going to be buried together, homôphobes.

So that was that. It filled the blog out a bit during a time when there are no good games out at the moment absolutely nothing. Bioshock doesn`t count as people are only buying it because they think it is Biohazard. Stop trading on Capcom`s good name. Cunts.

Next week on TGAM:

Sony talks about thinking about releasing some games. Nintendo thinks about talking about releasing some games. Punisher 2 reviewed: SPOILERS this time it`s set in Alaska and the punisher is a woman with superhuman strength who takes on evil polar bears who may or may not have stolen some of her food from her tent whilst she was ice hole fishing. PLUS: We use Ice hole fishing as a very un-subtle euphemism for frigging.

Until next time!


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