We all know that there is a 101 things you could probably say about this picture being overly sexist and chauvinistic. There is Princess Peach using her bum as a weapon. What undertones! and Overtones! We all know it's so wrong and so demeaning especially with the wink as well. It would be really serious and perhaps spark debates amongst feminists. However, she is a Princess of a Mushroom Kingdom and she is named after a piece of fruit. Kind of undermines the whole argument doesn't it?

Non-lazy feminist gamers might point out the merits of using the Princess as a character in Super Smash Brothers Melee, disspelling the rumour that she is a weak character if used by someone who knows her moves. They might even link to a Youtube video showing some of her greatest combos. They might go one step further and say that at least she gets to play golf and tennis competitively against the men and giant lizards of the Mushroom Kingdom which is more than real life athletes can.

Uber lazy feminist gamers might do a post about how Nintendo are as bad as Sony and how as part of this week's destroying chauvinism they will be protesting against the purchase of Beyonce and Shakira singles, albums and MP3s on their website because they promote the use of epileptic bum and belly shaking to sell music. They should also point out that the perspective of this screenshot shows a pokeball touching her hair and if that isn't some reference to sex, well, Disgusting.

Image from the wonderful Super Smash Brothers Dojo site. By wonderful I mean sexist and demeaning.


  1. Dude!

    Arse = Peach

    Aw man, You heard it here first. Finally unveiling the reason behind Peach's name.

    But i heard her cootch tasted like Apricot.

  2. Anonymous12:26

    I love the way all the comments are between themselves


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