The Perils of Endgame

"Endgame" was originally some word used in chess for the final moves, or something similar to that, but no-one cares about that nowadays, endgame is a mystical place where the 1337 live. The most common and arguably the most recognised is WoWs endgame. It used to be lvl 60 (Highest level you could reach), once you hit lvl 60 you would then team up and do really hard quests to get better "gear", to "enhance" the gameplay experience. Sounds quite cool doesn't it. Bet you have always thought after completing games like Mario or Zelda, "Woo, I have beaten Bowser/Ganon lets take a stroll through Mushroom kingdom/Hyrule and bask in the glory of how great i am"

Well its not all Peaches and cream. Take Pokemon Diamond/Pearl... I beat the 1337 4 after about 40-50 hours, and now i have clocked up 200 hours... what have i done? Well I have been basking in the the world of endgame One you beat the 1337 4 you then (in theory) have to collect the remaining 300-odd pokemon from the other games, and train up your Ultimate team. This is where the fucking Time consuming part comes in, you get so deep into the mechanics of the game that you forget it is even a game anymore. In Pokemon for instance EV training, this is where you pick your battles in order to maximise your pokemons Stats. Sick. thus giving you the best pokemon team possible.

Well in anycase Cunzy regularly asks, "You Bloggin?" I will reply with, "Nah EV training"

If you think about games as a sexual realtionship:

lvl1-10 - Early days things are a little awkward, but everything is fresh, new and exciting.
lvl 11-20 - Getting your footing here, you can make her come almost every time now.
lvl 21-30 - Bang on target every time.
lvl 31-40 - Starting to mix-things up a bit, maybe adding some saliva to the proceedings.
lvl 41-50 - Bring on the bondage.
lvl 51- 60 - Delightfully proficiant with each others bodies, knowing all the "ins-and outs"
Endgame - Experimentation, armpits, pegging, extra people, leading to eventual boredom and looking elsewhere for a new game/partner.

Luv ya

Richie XxX


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