Rock band vs Guitar Hero

It’s the new Mario vs Sonic and not the new Olympics game*, I mean classic fucking Mario Vs Sonic like: Super Mario World vs Sonic 2 (ah those were the days)

Well for those of you who don’t know Rock band is and online version of Guitar hero with loads of new attachments to play all the different sections, guitar, bass/rhythm, drums, and singing. Recently it was delayed (RE: Kotaku) till 2008, and I found myself not caring, and in fact scrolling slightly further up the page to check on the Guitar hero 3 updates. Now as with all computer games “versus” situations there will be split factions i.e. in this case Guitar hero fanboys and Rock band fanboys. Right now I think I’m sitting on the Guitar hero fanboy side, purely because guitar her takes itself as a game, Rock band seems like it is trying to be a grown up sophisticated version of Guitar hero, which is slightly preposterous given that you are using a toy guitar…

Reasons Rock Band will fail:
- Too much money on gimmicky peripherals
- Guitar hero is already an established “brand”
- Guitar hero 3 will be out BEFORE Rock band.
- Online playability might be a bit weird for a team effort especially the singing bit
- They have the same songs. That’s right, the same songs, so far there have been 2 of the same tracks so far announced for both games.

Anyways, undoubtedly I’ll get both… and still suck.

* Incidentally, this game, could it be good? I mean I know every one is saying sonic will win, but I mean there will be jumping events, which I believe Mario has the upper hand with… stay tuned for later posts


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