Position Vacant

Position Vacant: Videogames (or related) blog to War with.

The position will be in a submissive role. To the second greatest videogames blog of all time: Thatguys.co.uk.

Warring on post by post basis, commenting on the flaws in each others posts.

* Able to argue at a 12 year old level. E.g. “Takes one to know one.”
* Finds talk of genitals hilarious E.g. “Willy”
* Must have plenty of web traffic (so we can steal it)

* Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
* Lady bits

Please submit your Blogs/comments to: thatguysamaniac@googlemail.co.uk



  1. Anonymous18:44

    lmao@Willy! I'm spent!

  2. I'll warn you now. I fight like a gay, with hissing and spitting. MarioMark on the other hand fights like a girl. Also with hissing and spitting.

  3. We would, but I'm always being told off for picking on the spastics so we'd better not.


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