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Little King's Story- First Impressions.

Even in the days of hype and over exposure where every screenshot, press release and 'leak' is vivisected and analysed there are still few moments in gaming that match the trepidation of loading up a game for the first time. Our personal ritual is to make sure there are no other distractions for the first spool up. The tea is brewed, the cat is fed, the phone is silenced, the meat is beat so that until we are prompted to press start our full attention is on the first impression of yet another new virtual world. Sometimes, the impression is a bad one, a misstep in the opening FMV, poor design or a hard to navigate menu dramatically drops the expectations. Sometimes games whisk you through the back door the first time you play dumping you straight into the game, a practice which we are always a bit suspicious about, for some people the mantle really does matter as much as the fireplace. Little King's Story had us completely charmed by the time we got to starting the game, th…


We have totally forgotten to review No More Heroes. Even though we bought it ages ago. With Zack and Wiki for £20 from

It is a very very good game.

You drive around and something.

We're addicted to watching the lucky star video on repeat.

We scoffed at playing with the cat in other reviews. But it is nice sometimes.

It has nice controls too.

The bit where you use the wiimote as a phone is probably our favourite so far!

Preserved for future use

Comment on a PC whinge blog on a post about PC gaming and how EPIC games (the company) left it's nice smart, flat-chested girlfriend (the PC) for an attractive big chested slut (consoles). If this taken out of context, context isn't cringe-worthy enough:

"… and she has a drawer full of the most variegated toys and an active imagination concerning how to use them. This explains why, when slagging off on the ex, from time to time the new Console Elite’s pupils will dilate, his gait will devolve to something between a stagger and a waddle, and he will start muttering something about “configuration problems landing me in A&R a few times."

Dude. It's a PC. Make some graphs and leaflets if you need to but keep your trousers on whilst you do. Oh and stop watching Battlestar Galactica.

In other news:

TGAM's Top 10 PC games 2008:

1) The Sims 2. Dual heritage edition.
2) The adventures of super person in super land, where everyone else is entitled to and has the same lev…

Position Vacant

Position Vacant: Videogames (or related) blog to War with.

The position will be in a submissive role. To the second greatest videogames blog of all time:

Warring on post by post basis, commenting on the flaws in each others posts.

* Able to argue at a 12 year old level. E.g. “Takes one to know one.”
* Finds talk of genitals hilarious E.g. “Willy”
* Must have plenty of web traffic (so we can steal it)

* Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
* Lady bits

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