We have totally forgotten to review No More Heroes. Even though we bought it ages ago. With Zack and Wiki for £20 from

It is a very very good game.

You drive around and something.

We're addicted to watching the lucky star video on repeat.

We scoffed at playing with the cat in other reviews. But it is nice sometimes.

It has nice controls too.

The bit where you use the wiimote as a phone is probably our favourite so far!

We must admit though. We haven't finished it yet. We're savouring it.

The bike is good as is finding all the T-shirts. What's more is that the T-shirts are backwards in the mirror. Genius!

The trash collecting mini game is second only to the lawnmower one.

This is for the person who searched for pregnant samus and found TGAM. Sorry but it's the best I've got. The Samus mission is by far the best. Quite how they convinced Nintendo to have her as a boss, we don't know but it is brilliant.

Yuffie gets annoying towards the end but there's a great twist before the credits roll. Just buy this game, play it. Enjoy it. Love it! 9.5/10*

*The minus 0.5 marks is because Yuffie dies. Ooops. Shit. [Spoilers]. Is it too late?


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