The perfect circle II: Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop: Review (of the disc)

Can you believe it? Today I bought Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop for the Nintendo Wii. The reviews so far on the web say it's pretty bad. I won't know until tomorrow (I will not play it tonight EVEN THOUGH I HAVE IT because tonight is Bingo night). In the meantime I'm taking a look at the hard copy product. When the electricity runs out and we can't play games anymore these are the things we will have to show our children the wonder of games. We've already seen the box and the book (complete with notes sections) now we see the disc!
As you can probably cannot see it is a far better disc than the Xbox 360 version. Donald didn't mention that! Dropped the ball there dipshit. It is very understated but classy. Certainly not in my top ten but it would look nice in the planned folder of Wii games I am thinking about putting together (this will be in between Animal Crossing and Endless Ocean, both of which are nice discs. Animal Crossing especially with the pale trees and house motiffs). You can easily see from the disc itself (not this photo) that this is Dead Rising for the Wii. Once again it is reiterated that this game is 18 rated. I will testify to this if Capcom need my services the next time someone goes on a killing spree in ASDA (or Morrisons).
Up next (not today or tomorrow or Sunday, probably on Monday): A review of the game itself. Hated by many we get the scoop on the actual game itself rather than Wii Bashing because Auntie Doreen can beat us at Wii Sports (yeah that's you Daffy!).


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