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Painful Moments in Gaming: Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy: The pain isn't over yet... The year was 1989, I had a Commodore 64. Games like Outlaw, Double Dragon and Bubble Bobble frequented my tv screen. My favourite however was Treasure Isand Dizzy from Code Masters and the Oliver Twins. The plot was basically, you're stuck on an island and want to get back to the 'yolkfolk' . Through a series of inventory based puzzles you build a boat and get off the island by paying the shopkeeper character 30 Gold coins (which you have collected throughout). For those of you who are unaware, this was seen as the most difficult of the Dizzy Franchise, unlike the predecessor which you had 5 lives and the sequel which had 3, in Treasure Island Dizzy you had one life. Consider that for a moment, one life. One life, with no ability to save the game, it was all or nothing. This also wasn't an easy game, you had to essentially memorise the side-scrolling map, often jumping blindly in to the next

The perfect circle II: Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop: Review (of the disc)

Can you believe it? Today I bought Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop for the Nintendo Wii. The reviews so far on the web say it's pretty bad. I won't know until tomorrow (I will not play it tonight EVEN THOUGH I HAVE IT because tonight is Bingo night). In the meantime I'm taking a look at the hard copy product. When the electricity runs out and we can't play games anymore these are the things we will have to show our children the wonder of games. We've already seen the box and the book (complete with notes sections) now we see the disc! As you can probably cannot see it is a far better disc than the Xbox 360 version. Donald didn't mention that! Dropped the ball there dipshit. It is very understated but classy. Certainly not in my top ten but it would look nice in the planned folder of Wii games I am thinking about putting together (this will be in between Animal Crossing and Endless Ocean, both of which are nice discs. Animal Crossing especially with the pa


Alright Kids, It's Friday and for a laugh I have created a Video game related Dingbat... Leave a Comment with the solution... Hint: The answer is not a video games related.

For your Aural pleasure

Desert island Dizzy was perhaps the second greatest game of all time after North vs. South and Haunted Maze by Ed Federmeyer. One of the reasons it was great is because of the music on the demo screen. It was awesome. It moved me in ways I cannot explain. A woman should not be made to feel that way by music alone *blush*. Ahem, anyway over at the formidable Overclocked remixes a chap called Makke has made an excellent remix . Granted it diverges a fair bit from the source material but it's a great song nonetheless: Dizzy_the_Adventurer_Mix_Dizz_OC_ReMix.mp3 In other news..... To all Bloggers announcing their myspace and then saying that "Yeah I have one but I don't use it, or whatever". It's OK. Myspace is much more popular than any blogs because real people use it as a social tool. Blogs are for fake people to boost their own egos. Well the people that use myspace aren't really people either. They are the same people as the Youtube people, the o