For your Aural pleasure

Desert island Dizzy was perhaps the second greatest game of all time after North vs. South and Haunted Maze by Ed Federmeyer. One of the reasons it was great is because of the music on the demo screen. It was awesome. It moved me in ways I cannot explain. A woman should not be made to feel that way by music alone *blush*.

Ahem, anyway over at the formidable Overclocked remixes a chap called Makke has made an excellent remix. Granted it diverges a fair bit from the source material but it's a great song nonetheless: Dizzy_the_Adventurer_Mix_Dizz_OC_ReMix.mp3

In other news.....To all Bloggers announcing their myspace and then saying that "Yeah I have one but I don't use it, or whatever". It's OK. Myspace is much more popular than any blogs because real people use it as a social tool. Blogs are for fake people to boost their own egos. Well the people that use myspace aren't really people either. They are the same people as the Youtube people, the ones that can be bothered to actually comment. Anywho, all traffic is good traffic x.

Coming soon: TGAM myspace. Watch this space. We're nor going to use though, or whatever. Anyway....Noogins.


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