iGasm.. Really?

We have the honour of presenting our guest writer Rebecca from out sister site the soon to be launched: thatgirls.co.uk

Hi all,

Rebecca here, to follow on from the lovely Richie's posts on the iPod plug-ins we have yet another iPod plug-in! This time it is from none less than my favorite shop in the whole world Ann Summers!

Reasons why Ann Summers is the best shop in the whole world:

1. They sell sexy underwear.
2. All the staff are generally good looking, and extremely helpful. If you happen to be a guy and having to buy something for your lady friend... Just approach the staff, they dont judge!
3. They sell toys, special toys, special toys that do cool things.
4. They sell those cool panties that have little ties at the side, possibly the sexiest invention ever made on the whole planet ever.

Please check out Richie's posts on these toys such as the iBuzz, the OhMyBod etc...

The wonderous things about these devices is that it does go with any type of music.

Beethovens 9th (AKA Ode to Joooooooooooooooyes-yes-yes)
Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (Turn the bass up for this one)
Paradise City - Guns n' Roses

Hell, Just experiment

Love n' hugs

Rebecca XXX

There you have it... Enjoy.


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