Hey- Low!

So All-Star and TGAMer, Chuff_72, our eye on Xbox Live reports that yesterday:

"Well I got home yesterday, and everyone in the world was logged into Crackdown waiting for the Halo 3 Beta to go live (it was supposed to at 2pm) and for some reason it wouldn't, so I went online and it was basically carnage! There were people on Bungie.net threatening to sue and one dude said he was gonna hang himself! Sooooo funny, I love people I do! All Bungie were saying was "sorry" so it left all these retards crying like little girls… Anyways they have apparently fixed it and both the Dr and I set it to download this morning, ready to go tonight - I will have a full TGAM Special on it tomorrow… probably."

Which reminded me that there have been a couple of low blows to the Halo community in recent days. A lot of people rolling their eyes because there's a new game and it's going to so popular but no-one understands games anymore. It's not all about the twitching it's about really 'getting' the game by laming it up on World of Warcraft with 7 million other losers.
It's interesting the polarisation of gamers. MMORPG players tend to want to cyber other players pretending to be women, they don't like fighting and they are happy to be rewarded for clicking the mouse button on enemies. They hate graphics and like to chat and think that they know gaming because they've only played one game in their whole life. FPS players on the other hand are all about reflexes, skill, training and talent. For them everyone else is rubbish, they are the best. It doesn't matter that most of the games are identical and within two weeks everyone is using glitches, cheats and mods to get the cheap win. Just look at it! It's so shiny and slick. Only big bad boys with bouncing balls dare to play this kind of game. Or 12 year old american fucktards.

Anyway, in conclusion it doesn't matter because you are all a bunh of nerds. Whilst you are wanking over pictures of Super Mario's anus I'm going to be doing coke off of twenty real life women's snatches whilst completely drunk on champagne and moonshine and driving a ferrari and getting round the clock blow jobs whilst dance humping super models as we laugh long and loud at how pathetic all you nerds are playing you videogames at the same time you're in your basement dinging level 2. Fucking nerds. Get a life losers.


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