So you made it this far. Not bad girl.......

That's right kiddies it's TGAM birthday soon today it's officially TGAMB-Day-2. Shy Guy is pretty fucking psyched about it and so should you be. As Chief Brian Irons expresses we've not done bad for girls and who would of thought we would make it. We faced discrimination, legal threats, the PS3 launch, Richie's Animephilia, that month when blogger tried to shut us down, public (ish) ridicule from Miss Bea Havin from 1990's magazine Playstation Pro and the WoW AIDs. But we're still standing after all this time. Don't touch that dial and find out how you too can join in with the TGAM one year birthday.

In the Front: Dinotopia and the Timestone Pirates
In the rear: New Super Mario Brothers


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