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More on the Rotombrator

Bulbabpedia have now updated their site with the new Rotom Formes. So how long till the crazy Japanese actually create one of these... Luv n Hugz Richie XX


Welcome ladies and gentlemen for yet another inappropriate combination of sexual release and Nintendo. Look someone has made some attachments for the Wiimote that increase stimulation... TBH Annalee over at io9 says, "Everybody wants to figure out how to put their thinger in somebody else's thinger via bluetooth or TCP/IP or port 1337. " , and this attachment has to be the least inventive Thinger2Thinger yet. Like no-one else thought of it! 2 anal-tickles out of 10 poor effort, see me after class. Luv n Hugs, Richie X


Well, I'm sure we all saw this coming, but someone has finally done it. As I'm sure most of you are aware, the Wiimote can be linked up to your PC, and using certain homebrew programs it can be used like a mouse, and there are some even some crazy little coders that got the PC guitar hero clone, Frets on Fire, to work with the wiimote guitar! And there was even the inevitable Wiimote vibrator programs. But to take things further, someone has homebrewed some Wii software which allows this vibrator software to wrok with an image slideshow, and has online support for 32 people. There you go, I'll let you contemplate those images for a while... Luv n Hugs, Richie

SaSi: Really?

Introducing the SaSi... This ingenious piece of tech is due in stores very soon. How does it differ from every other sex toy out there? Well for starters it retails for £225, but don't let that put you off, Lets see what you get for £225: From the manufacturer website Je Joue : SaSi is the ultimate, customisable vibrator. Using the latest Sensual Intelligence technology, SaSi is uniquely intuitive. It learns and remembers exactly what you like, giving you the perfect, intense sensual massage every time. Fantastic for partner foreplay or solo massage Splashproof, non-porous and bacteria resilient Removable covers made from phthalate and latex-free medical grade silicone, using the newly patented SMITEN membrane technology Fully customisable with fascias available in different colours. Rechargeable Beautifully packaged ideal as a gift A smooth, rounded head undulates under a thin, silky cover, creating a soft kneading sensation that can be customized by adjusting m

How much do you love your iPhone?

Physically? Well with the new iBrate application, your iPhone can now show you some lovin too, for some literal “Phone sex” The application offers… Nothing really, vibrate or don’t vibrate However iBrate v2.0 is said to include the following: Removable waterproof silicon sleeve, variable speed settings, a pulse mode, music playback, a bluetooth remote control, lube, clitoral stimulator, callback function.

iGasm.. Really?

We have the honour of presenting our guest writer Rebecca from out sister site the soon to be launched: Hi all, Rebecca here, to follow on from the lovely Richie's posts on the iPod plug-ins we have yet another iPod plug-in! This time it is from none less than my favorite shop in the whole world Ann Summers! Reasons why Ann Summers is the best shop in the whole world: 1. They sell sexy underwear. 2. All the staff are generally good looking, and extremely helpful. If you happen to be a guy and having to buy something for your lady friend... Just approach the staff, they dont judge! 3. They sell toys, special toys, special toys that do cool things. 4. They sell those cool panties that have little ties at the side, possibly the sexiest invention ever made on the whole planet ever. Please check out Richie's posts on these toys such as the iBuzz, the OhMyBod etc... The wonderous things about these devices is that it does go with any type of music.