From Daemon Hatfield's review of Dead Rising chop Til You Drop over at mediocre at best 'IGN'.

"the story is…well, it's one of the worst stories I've ever encountered in videogames"

Really Dougy? Worse than Final Fantasy VII or VIII? Or Halo? Or Gears of War? Or Katamari Pisacy? Or any MMORPG? Or puzzle game? Or most games? Not true.

Most of these conflicts occur against human "psychopaths" who can somehow withstand hundreds of bullets, which is many, many more than any zombie you encounter.

Plus Frank never needs to go to the toilet and like days are really short nowehere near 24 hours long.

The story ends up trying to be a social commentary on our American lifestyle

Are the zombies fat? They are stupid but are they stupid enough?. Do the zombies know their geography? Are they homophobic and racist? Do they all end up going to the prom and being prom queen? Are they whiney and loud. Are the female zombies easy? [that's enough Ed.]

We're reserving the right to completely take all of this back come tomorrow but until then it appears Denzil has overstretched slightly in her review of this game. My whinging is more than just fanboyism for a platform. I loved the original and still play it to this very day but from Del Monte's review I'm none the wiser about how the game will actually play and those key differences from the original. Text I can read? Thank god. Maybe that's why I'd missed one of the "worst stories ever" last time because I couldn't read it. Taking pictures? A minor loss. Seriously, 78% of players* abandon the camera after messing around with Kent. And the lack of zombies. Pfffffffffffffft. Will you really miss those extra 700 zombies? We'll see.
*Made up statistic. But it feels right.


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