Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop: Review (of the box)

I'm literally just this minute back from buying Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop for the Nintendo Wii. It was exhilirating readers firstly because it is the first game I have ever bought on launch day (probably. It won't be the first game I played on launch day because that was Halo 2. Also, I probably won't play it today because I want to drag out the excitement/potential dissapointment for a little bit longer) and secondly because I bought it in a GAME shop. This is a horrible experience. I can understand why people fear gamers so much. I was in the queue with a hundred people. All of which had caps or lip piercings. Most of them were buying Killzone 2 or trading in clearly stolen Xbox 360s. They looked down their nose at me but I felt sorry for them because a) They own a PS3 and b) They secretely wished they had a platform which could play Dead Rising on it. I knew it. Also, why are GAME shops so hot? I was sweating like a bastard. But this may be because 1) I was buying a game in broad daylight 2) I was wearing my winter jacket and 3) I walked through London carrying a GAME bag, which according to Amnesty International, most people consider that you are 'asking for it'. However, I made it back. Here's the review.

Here it is, in the bag that could have cost me my life on the mean streets of London. You probably can't see but the handle is scrunched pretty badly. What is inside?

Here is the game I have bought. You probably can't see it but it is in cellophane (called serran [cerran?] wrap in some territories). This is nice. Sometimes games don't come in cellophane and you wonder if it has been tampered with but I know I'm the first person to touch it since it was packed in China.

Here it is out of the wrap. You probably can't tell but now the plastic is slowly degrading due to light exposure. It smells nice and new. It is clearly rated 18 so you'll have to wait to play it if you are under this age. The front cover is different to the 360 version. Not too sure which one I preffer.

Here is the back of the box. You probably can't tell but it is sideways. The photography is really bad because I had to photograph it in secret. If work found out I was a gamer I would be laughed at pretty hard. The trolley is the trolley from the morgue so it has probably had a dead body on it which is kind of fitting. Anyway, the back of the box doesn't give too much away. A bit of artwork, some in game shots. You probably can't tell but there's no splashing of cutscene graphics across the back like in the good old PlayStation days. That would be deceitful.

Here is the spine of the box. You probably can't tell but the text font conforms to other Wii games. It's good that they didn't insist on putting a horrible logo on the spine. A bunch of Wii games lined up on a shelf look like some arthouse DVDs so the friends and neighbours don't snigger when they are over at a dinner party. Some companies put a logo on the spine and nothing says '30 year old child' like a logo WITH FLAMES on it. like some comic book bullshit.

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