Games news round up

There's nothing happening in games at the moment. Except for Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising Chop til you Drop. Everyone else is getting fired. Here's a round up of the top stories this week:

1) I played a bit of Animal Crossing: Let's got to the city. I didn't go to the city, I failed to make a snowman and I only found two pitfall seeds (no fossils). The town was pretty weedilicious too. I did buy the common painting from nook though. I also got a very disturbing letter (screenies later).

2) Dead Rising Chop til you Drop is allegedly out on Friday!? How can this be? We're looking forward to it. I say we I mean I. Richie died a couple of months ago [reminds me, I need to do an obituary post] and didn't 'get' the original one. We (I) am sad that there won't be any photography as there was nothing better than accidentally whipping out the camera and taking a sneaky photo only to find some secret erotica. We (I) are not very bothered about the reduced number of zombies either as Dead Rising is by far the stand out best next gen game so far even with gangs rather than hordes of the undead. We (me still) are also sad that the free structure of the story mode has been changed to mission based which should make it a bit easier for completionists. Still. Worth a buy I reckon.

3) killzone 2 is out also on friday. Which, is like saying that the supermarket has restocked their bread for the week. Or that s expected, water will continue to come from your taps. Some people are excited about Killzone 2. These people are PS3 owners. Nobody else really is. And if they are? They should play Killzone. Then they won't be. We already rviewed it but here is the review again for those who missed it: Unless you are the die hard fan of green/brown/grey and corridors, corridors, warehouses and corridors, give this one a miss. 6/10.

4) Lost Planet 2 was announced to the surprise of one person. That person later realised they weren't really surprised. They had lost planet confused with lonely planet and later apologised to the internet.

5) I read Little Brother on Sunday. It was okay. Readable certainly. A bit cringey with all the references to SilVal faves and I suspect a bit too much of Mr. Doctorows personal fantasy where BoingBoing leads the next non revolution in the spirit of the 60s against 'the man'. Worth a read though, if only once. It helps if you pretend you are a guardian reader too because it makes you feel 'in touch' with the kidz because you know what flickr is. Watch out for the cosplay rape scene though. It took m very much by surprise.

6) This weekend a hundred articles were published in the newspapers and shit about how facebook and virtual worlds make you have a short attention span. And a loner. And a retard. A retard who can't communicate well. And it means you can't empathise with others. What the article really means is that a crap load of middle aged intelligent people are shit scared that they'lll be left out because they don't know all the latest memes. Serves 'em all right. Be scared. Nobody reads the papers anymore anyway. A whole supplement on fashion? Fuck off.

7) This week every developer went bust completely.

8) The Wii sold more games and consoles than there are people in the universe. Some people are still complaining that there are no games. These people are the same people who are looking forward to Killzone 2 and sick of playing MotorStorm 2 and Resistance 2 over and over and over. So far the status of the Wii hasn't been commented on by the 360 fanboys as they are too busy perpetually logging in and out of Xbox live and Games for windows to download trailers and play Dawn of War 2.

9) Left 4 Dead is still enjoying a great deal of coverage from the blogosphere.

10) The new source goldeneye looks shit. It looks like CS which was also shit which looks like L4D which, is also shit. We can't understand the appeal of the knock off Resident Evil Outbreak. So what, it actually works and is online these are not significant factors. Until left for dead is renamed Resident Evil Outbreak Rip-off we will be boycotting all Valve games.

So them's the haps of international importance. Now you know.


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