Beat the credit crunch and/or recession

Ten ways to beat the recession if you are a gamer:

1) Play all those games you haven't completed yet. This will probably see you through until 2010.

2) Laugh at your friends who spent their money on houses, cars and children instead of games. Your games haven't devalued over time, in fact with the current glut of mediocre games and sequels they may even have grown better with time. Your games won't leave you and take your children because you can't afford the lavish house and expensive food bills anymore. That's why games are great and real people selfish and 'orrible.

3) Invite all your friends who are saving money by not going out to trendy bars, clubs and to foreign countries for holidays over to your house for some mashed sessions. Show them that gaming has been valuable all along not just when you don't have anything else going on.

4) Pick up some cheap games that real people are desperately selling on Ebay. All those real people who bought a PS2 as some kind of life accessory. That'll be one of the first things they will sell so pick up all the limited editions and a few of the glaring omissions from yor back catalgoue.

5) Replay all the games you busted. This time getting alternative endings.

6) Play Blitzball.

7) Play 24 hour le mans races in real time.

8) Don't ever buy any tissues or napkins. Just use the back of your hand or the inside of your boxers. This will save at least £2.50 a year or £14,000 if you are, or live with, a girl.

9) Try speed running your favourite game.

10) Watch everything over at GomTV.

All of these things can be done for absolutely no cost and will last you until there is no recession again. Enjoy!


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