The perfect circle: A selection of discs not to choose if you are doing an article on disc art even if it is tongue in cheek

Remember Crispy Gamer? The guys behind some pretty good articles in recent years to be frightfully honest.
This time around it's an article, pre-empting EDGEs upcoming article on the subject, about the best disc art. They then choose some of the worst disc art around but not the worst worst, just the mehhiest worst and put it up for all to see. If they went full retard it would have been fine to see some of the worst disc art around. However, the writer , one Karl Florid seems to have chosen a bunch of discs that were within reach rather than execute any kind of judgement about quality and what makes a good disc cover.
What do we care you might be commenting already? We care a lot. Firstly, there's a lot of Xbox games on that list. Not that there's anything bad with Xbox and it's relation to art on disc covers per se but half the disc is covered with the Xbox banner and the other half is covered with logos etc. Automatic disqualification methinks. Secondly, it is really annoying when you get a platinum game or an Eidos reloaded game and the original art is replaced with just the logo. That's pretty dissapointing and decreases the value of a game significantly if you ain't got the original.
Kylie the describes the gears of war logo as a "spray-painted skull and crossbones". Surely Sir. That's a gear no?
The midnight club, halo 3, katamari and namco museum discs are also poor choices.
This almost tempts us to start scanning some real arty discs in to keep the disc art discussion going. An important discussion that some lazy artist is already no doubt planning an exhibition about. Surely, Darwinia should be on the list (it might be actually I didn't check). Or the Urban Chaos disc. Them's was pretty sweet. However, the scanner is on the blink at the moment. Watch this space.


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