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The New Review: Still no games?

Like all aspiring middle class people the only paper we buy is the Graudian and the Observer and every week we get a little bit angry that games are never covered in The Review supplement. That Travel and Sport get their whole own separate supplements is a bog post for another day. Like a lot of other gamers we're still waiting for an audible 'ding' to alert us to the fact that yes, games are now socially acceptable. If you so wished you too could hijack a dinner party/pub lunch with a boring lecture about games in the same way that it is acceptable for wine bores, travel bores and I've just popped a child bores to do. Even though games probably already are socially acceptable we're still waiting for the ding. The batman signal in the sky, the ironic t-shirt that becomes an unofficial trendy uniform, the endless historical documentaries on BBC4 or even our own OBE. Even more frustrating is that the Guardian do have a fairly decent crop of games writers who don't

Bethesta Announce:

An Elder Scrolls book : Fuck that shit, get the finger out on Elder Scrolls V! Stop fannying about with Fallout 3 DLC! Jesus... What we're all thinking, Richie V

Brute Update 28/04/2009 FINAL

Fuck it! I remained patient, I thought it may be a fun thing to track the progress or out little virtual thatguys. But I cant be fucked with it any more! Constant error pages Thatguys brute... R.I.P. Cheers to all of you that supported us. Richie

The perfect circle: A selection of discs not to choose if you are doing an article on disc art even if it is tongue in cheek

Remember Crispy Gamer ? The guys behind some pretty good articles in recent years to be frightfully honest. This time around it's an article, pre-empting EDGEs upcoming article on the subject, about the best disc art. They then choose some of the worst disc art around but not the worst worst, just the mehhiest worst and put it up for all to see. If they went full retard it would have been fine to see some of the worst disc art around. However, the writer , one Karl Florid seems to have chosen a bunch of discs that were within reach rather than execute any kind of judgement about quality and what makes a good disc cover. What do we care you might be commenting already? We care a lot. Firstly, there's a lot of Xbox games on that list. Not that there's anything bad with Xbox and it's relation to art on disc covers per se but half the disc is covered with the Xbox banner and the other half is covered with logos etc. Automatic disqualification methinks. Secondly, it is rea

You know when you are in trouble...

....when you make game consoles and you have more editions of your console than you do platform exclusive games that score 9 or more on metacritic. Which is exactly what happened upon the announcement of the " Cloud Black " PS3. In fact it happened after they released the Gun Metal version. Here's a tip, get some of those designers to make some friggin games rather than spray paint logos on your frikin consoles.

Survival Horror...

...It's a bit of a dead genre. Pun intended.