On the Horizon Part 34

So what have we got to look forward to?

Assassins Creed [Xbox 360] [PS3]

Stealthy, 3rd persony slash-em-up set in medieval times for the next gen. Of course it looks pretty its next-gen, pretty comes as standard. Now everyone seems quite keen for this badboy to come out, but aside from it being a “launch” title (i.e. we knew about this one before the 360 was released). I still worry that this will be shite.

Heavenly Sword [PS3]

3rd persony slash-em-up set in a fantasy world for the next gen. Of course it looks pretty its next-gen, pretty comes as standard. Now everyone seems quite keen for this badboy to come out, but aside from it being a “launch” title (i.e. we knew about this one before the PS3 was released). I still worry that this will be shite. Boobies.

Halo 3 [Xbox 360]

Next up ol Master Chief himself has returned for the 360, more shooting aliens, more laser swords, more classic FPS. In a world where FPS’s are standard, what makes this one stand out from the crowd? Answer: It doesn’t stray too far from the FPS formulae, it controls well, the plot is epic, and it has ALL the multiplayer options you could want and some. Xbox live will be heaving with shouts of n00b, and repeated pressing of the squat button for corpse humping. I don’t think it is possible for this game to go wrong.

Devil may Cry 4 [Xbox 360] [PS3] [PC]

Oh Wnak! Dante is back and with a sexy new sidekick, seriously it doesn’t matter what anyone says, this game will have it all, even DMC2 which is the worst of the lot, its still way more fun than 99% of games out there, the ultimate slashy-shooty 3rd person game. Every game wishes it was as cool as this (RE: Assassins Creed, Heavenly Sword).

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles [Wii]

Interesting one this, some Resident evil FPSing on the Wii, the previous Resident evil: Survivor games were shite to say the least! But at least this one has the characters and locations from RE0/1 and (OMG!!) Raccoon City rendered again! Oh how I pine for RE2/3 remade for the Wii maybe a bit of over-the-shoulder shooting? Leon is used to it by now.

Resident Evil 5 [Xbox 360] [PS3]

Wow, Resident evil 5 can’t wait, but there is no way in hell I’m holding my breath for it, I guarantee that it will be delayed and delayed. Chris Redfield returns to fight Zombies in Africa (Maybe Zombies? who knows? I mean RE4 was good but it did bother me that they were not really zombies, they were just people infected with some ancient insect) Seems to be a bit more intuitive a mix of classic 3rd person and the over-the-shoulder seen in RE4.

Guitar hero 3 [Xbox 360] [PS3] [PS2]

Guitar hero’s next incarnation, I’m already sold on the tracks they have added in. but there is additions of boss battles and new modes. I don’t see how this wont be an instant hit, in fact fuck it, I’m pre-ordering this right now… Oh? Turns out I can’t yet, seems that it may be a while before it comes out. Fingers X’ed that it is some time this year

Sub note:
Guitar hero DS [DS]

Guitar hero for the DS, with a crazy attachment thingy, looks cool, but there is no way in goods green earth you could be seen in public playing it.

Pokemon Battle Revolution [Wii]

More pokemonage, lets you see all 486 pokemon in glorious 3D with SLOW drawn-out battles, and inevitable buy, but very apprehensive at the same time.

Rock band [PS3] [Xbox 360]

Hmm, a grown-up sophisticated Guitar hero, with hundreds of attachments, despite it being more guitar hero. I have a feeling it will fall flat on its face, due to the costs of the new equipment and the fact that guitar hero is already much more established.

GTA 4 [Xbox 360] [PS3] [PC]

We know the script with this one, cars, guns, plot, huge city. It was delayed recently, and I only hope it was to clean things up a bit. One of my major problems with GTA:SA was that everyone said that it was so pretty. Well when I looked at GTA:SA, I looked past the flare effects and I saw a “lego” world, even Carl looked like he was made of lego everything is intensely polygon-y. Then when I saw the trailer for GTA4 I see the main character, and what do I immediately think? “Polygon-y”. We cant let Rockstar get away with this! It’s Next-gen, everything is supposed to be round. It’s a bigger scandal than Manhunt 2!

Smash bros Brawl [Wii]

Wow! Cannot wait for this! SSB revamped again with more characters, power-up, pickups. And for the love of god, get Sonic in there! Expected to hit EU late 2009 Stupid Nintendo.

Two Worlds [Xbox 360] [PS3] [PC]

Odd one this, I threw it in because I’m kinda looking forward to it. It is due out at the end of the week, and nowhere has officially reviewed it. It is Oblivion with multiplayer support and dual wielding. From the previews I have seen, it is getting rather mixed reviews, varying from 5/10 to 9/10.

Starcraft 2 [PC/Mac]

What more needs to be said Starcraft=amazing, therefore Starcraft 2 = Twice as amazing. Simple Maths.

World of Warcraft Expansion 2 [PC/Mac]

Blah blah blah lvl 80, new class, new place to fight. Just more and more bait, to throw your money in the big WoW pit.

In other news GameFAQs are doing that Character battle thing. Once again this year I have spent no time in thinking out my application and have just chose at random a few of the characters I know. I believe that the final two will be Sephiroth and Kratos, stupid fanboys. Though I would be interested to see that fight…


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